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Our Plant

The bottling factory is accommodated in the self-owned state of the art facility, spreading over an area of 10,800 sq.ft. The bottling and production are suituated in the same premises to ensure optimum quality control.

The application of the most advanced bottling technology system in conjunction with a strong distribution network enables us to cover every need and market demand in time.

Aquafina goes through 10 stages of purifications to ensure purest water supply

  •   Chlorination : Kills microorganisms and Remove organic matter
  •   Sand filter : Removes suspended matter and turbidity
  •   Carbon filter : Remove residual chlorine and odors
  •   10 micron filter : Additional safety measures of filtration before water Reaches RO System
  •   Reverse Osmosis : Removes organic material, controls total dissolved solids in the water
  •   Added minerals : Dosing magnesium sulphate and sodium chloride
  •   Filters : Removes minute suspended matter.
    • A) 5m Filters
    • B) 1m Filters
    • C) 0.45 Filters
    • D) 0.25 Filters
  •   UV Lightings
  •   Ozonisation
  •   Final storage

Best Quality And Great Tasting Water At a Great Price