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The inception of our plant took place early in 2011 and our product by the brand name “Aquafina “ was launched on 8 th September 2013. In this short span of time, we have developed a very wide network of distributors all across Karnataka and covering all areas. The sweet taste and purity of “Aquafina “ packaged drinking water has now made it a favorite of consumers.

Why Aquafina

  •   It is totally safe and protects from all water borne diseases.
  •   The water is purified through 10 stages of purification process that includes reverse osmosis and Ozonisation.
  •   Our plant is equipped with fully automatic machine with 100% stainless pipeline (316 Grade) end to end.

Aquafina is bottled at the site without any intervention by human hand during the process of pumping and bottling. The aquifer from which we pump Aquafina is protected against any environmental pollution. Checks at every level and internal & external laboratories testing are conducted at regular intervals to offer best.

Best Quality And Great Tasting Water At a Great Price